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As a therapist and educator, showcasing installations through artistic installations is part of the praxis.

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April 2022

"Combining text, colour and intuition with her existing practice of walking, swimming and collecting, @poetree_nwales is creating this immersive installation to bring her latest project alive. This is #ecopoetry"

"The title ‘Bodfa Continuum’ implies a continuous flow of time. Ideas and energies from the past are carried into the present and stretch out into the future. Time is malleable. It can stretch and compress. It can be layered and manipulated. This project proposes a deliberate engagement with time, using Plas Bodfa as a framework. A house is permeable structure, a container of memory, a lens into the past and a peak into the future.

This house has seen many things - the Women’s movement, WW2, businesses, families, concerts and commerce - a 100 years in 10 uneven chapters.

Wander through more than 35 rooms filled with works from painters and printmakers, stitchers and sculptors, potters and pathfinders, sound artists and sun catchers, poets and pigment makers along with elements of augmented reality" - Plas Bodfa 2022

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TELEPHONE is just like the kids’ game. A message is whispered from one person to another and changes as it is passed.
We whisper a message from art form to art form.
A message could become a painting, then music, then poetry, then dance.
We whisper each finished work of art to multiple artists so the game branches out exponentially. - Telephone

Telephone 1.jpg
Exhibitions: Work
"Books" Sign



Without Borders seeks to remove barriers, create alliances, and connect with neighbours. It aims to bring creative people together, to collaborate in an international touring exhibition of works on paper – a collection of artists pages.

At the end of the elysium exhibition, the pages will be bound together to make a book and taken to another venue to be taken apart, displayed, and then reassembled before moving again to its next location.

The exhibition will travel to Japan, Norway, USA, Venice, Canada, and back to Wales. The project will also be globally accessible via an e-catalogue.

At the end of the tour, the artworks will permanently be bound together to create one unique artist book, to be housed in a special collection’s library which will be announced at a later date.

Curated by Jonathan Powell, elysium gallery Director and Heather Parnell, co-editor of 1SSUE artist books. The project salutes the diversity of creativity, showcasing the work of all participating artists democratically, in a format that is portable and accessible. The ‘Artists Book’ serves as the vessel and sets the parameters into the exploration of the notion of Borders.

The term Border describes literal or invisible lines: edges that separate and divide, that contain and limit. Without Borders is particularly evocative and redolent in these current times. Ever-quickening, reactive politics results in some borders hardening, whilst others dissolve. The divide between rich and poor appears to be widening.  Physical, geographical, and social borders, together with the fragile, permeable border between life and death have also been highlighted by the recent pandemic. - Elysium

Exhibitions: Latest Work
Water Bug Print Poster 2 by CLJ_edited.jpg



A series of 10 lino-print postcards using handmade paper pulp, which were once MacDonalds bags, and collected around Snowdonia.  These are available for free from Snowdonia Watersports, to mark the impact humans are having on Llyn Padarn with their rubbish.
Posters were crafted as 'Way Markers' to view the free film. - Cara Jones

Exhibitions: Latest Work



"Ymgodir" is a Welsh word translating to 'Uplifted’. The installation was originally designed to feature inside the dysfunctional lift inside Plas Bodfa, a play on words linked with wellbeing with connections to 'happiness'. Lockdown separated the sisters and their collaboration, but created something new - a film! - Plas Bodfa

Exhibitions: Latest Work
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