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Cara has been involved with media publications for the past 15 years.  Here are some of her recent radio, TV and press articles promoting arts & wellbeing, social & environmental topics.

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Sun 30 Jan 2022 19:00

Cara Louise Jones was featured on a BBC Radio Wales documentary discussing with writer and actress Carys Eleri asks what Wales can do to take us beyond our recycling success.
"Wales is currently ranked 3rd best in the world for recycling, with the rest of the UK lagging far behind us. Whilst Carys celebrates that, she also considers what else we might do to further cement our place in the world as a Nation who really cares for our planet.
Carys joins conversations with individuals who are on a personal mission to create less waste; to the owner of a zero waste shop, to a company who collect and pass on household items for re-use, to a student using litter as a means of self-discovery, and to an advocate who believes community action must be at the heart of all green initiatives in Wales.
Along the way, you’ll hear about the ways in which Carys has made her own product use more sustainable, and what else she might try after speaking to others with a similar mission.
Let Carys show you how you can change your behaviours to make less of an impact on our delicate planet, and how your efforts as an individual might pay off" - BBC Radio Wales 2022.
Producer: Eleri Llian Rees

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